In Pforzheim / Hundesportverein
judging.. Mr Robert Booth/ FR/GB
und MrTom Angus/GB
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3rd  German Patterdale Terrier Festival

 on  11.07.2010

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  Patterdale Terrier Festival 2010.  
It was a really hot temperature weekend and so we are very happy that so much visitors and participants came together in Königsbach.
We had more than 60 dogs in our Show. The participants came from Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Denmark.

It was really great, so much people with different languages, came together and had conversations about dogs.....and all around this issue. So we were sitting and talking at Saturday till late in night.
So after few hours sleep, the morning was starting.

The control of the veterinary was Ok and we can start our Show.
All Participants was proudly presenting their dogs and many was happy to get a good placement and a nice golden cup.

Our Judge, Mr. Robert Booth, (he also judges the Patterdale  Nationals in Florida) coming from UK, was also delighted from the quality and nice looking dogs.

But, he said that some was little too corpulent.
"The food in Germany must be too good" :-)) 

All in all it was a great Festival

We congratulate the two Best in Show dogs
Male: Leis`s Bobby   Owner: Gunther Lutz, 
Female: Ori Srdcové eso Owner: Zuzana Hodová  (CZ)

and say thank you to the Dog sport club from Königsbach, they arrange all very good and the catering was great.
Sincere thanks are given to all visitors, participants, my sister Sigrid, for managing the entrance, our Veterinary Mr. Wittinger, 
to the judge Robert Booth and to the Family of Rudi Schwab.

Regards to all the nice people we met on this Festival

Alexander & Claudia Wochele


Photos !!!
JAN  KONVIČKA ( Czech Republic )
ROMAN NEMESSZEGHY ( Slovakia Republic )
ZUZANA HODOVA ( Czech Republic )
Thank you very much!
Photos 1 Photos 2 Photos 3 Photos 4 Photos 5
and pictures from PapaRazzo "Fixi": here
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no Program,

we meet as of  16.00 o`clock...

just meeting, sitting together, talking...










ab 8.00 Uhr Begin (Vet. Control)
ab 8.30 Start of the assessment

(first the Puppies, than all male classes, than the females)
start  at 8.30  Cl. 1  Puppy male (4-10 Month)
                        Cl. 2 Puppy female (4-10 Mon.)

                 Cl. 3  male (10-18 Month.) 
                        Cl. 5  male (18 Mon. - 4 Years)
           Cl. 7  male (4-7 Years)
                 Cl. 9  male (over 7 Years)

                Cl. 4 female (10-18 Mon.)
                            Cl. 6  female (18 Mon. - 4 Years)
             Cl. 8 female (4-7 Years)
                   Cl. 10  female (over 7 Years)
                             Cl. 11 (open Class , for diff. Terrier Breeds )
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