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3rd. German Patterdale Terrier Festival / 11. July 2010
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 2nd. German Patterdale Terrier Festival / 12.+13. July 2008
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1st. German Patterdale Terrier Festival / 22.+ 23.July 2006
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The page   " Patterdales in need "   is at the moment only available  in the German version - click here-

 How we got our Patterdale Terriers...

... all starts as my husband got the German hunting license.

As a hunter, you should have a real

hunting dog  - not like our small Dachshund       

 "Julie" which is only a "sofa- hunter".

We had no idea what kind of dog we should take.

He had to be small, tough, shorthaired and courageous.

We read books and hunting magazines until we found the breed called Patterdale Terrier.

He was perfect in all points. But we've never heard about this breed before and we started searching about a breeder. Nobody knows that dogs in German dog clubs. After a long run we found in the Internet a breeder , Rudolph Schwab from France.

Hurry we made a contact and planned a visit. At this time he had puppies and only one male was free for sale. The decision was easy, this cute baby dog must be ours. We named him "Fips".

Some weeks  later, when he was old enough, we took him home. It was a busy time for us and we fast recognized that we have a real hunting dog. Nothing was safe from this small Puppy with his good nose. He found everything except my flower onions I just dig in ground. All times he had to be under observation because he always had a new stroke in his mind.

The contact to the family of Schwab´s was very good and we often visited them. On such a visit we looked at his new puppies and they was so nice, that we wanted to have once more. But we can't decide which one. Than we took two females (Molly & Peggy). Now we had three black dogs.

Some time later we saw a brown female dog at Schwab´s yard and the color and the character of this dog was so nice, that she becomes our number four in "our yard".

Because of these long search for this kind of dogs. We decided to make it more public on this way.