Besides the love to our Patterdale Terriers

we´r also big Fans of  Dachshunds (Dackel).


Rest in peace

A small grown Dachshunds- lady and she´s only a nice weather hunter.

She dont´t like to go outside when it´s raining.


* 15.08.1996  -  V 29.04.2010

weight:    6,5 kg

hight:      24 cm


....we´ll never forget her...

Rest in peace

Julie´s Father, he was a "real" Dachshund with all the typical propertys.

He was a good hunting dog, a faithful friend and specialised of biting in visitors noses.

born:     14.07.1992

died:    19.06.1999

weight:    10 kg

hight:      27 cm


He must die because of  a long bad illness, whith can´t be operated,

on his back.