our Patterdales:

  our first:
"Fips"    Schwab's Santos
Birth:     19.03.02
Dam:      Schwab's Schoko
Sire:      Schwab's Grom
Weight:        10,8 kg
Height:         37 cm
Color:            Black

RIP "Aski"   Wochele´s Aski
(he died after a difficult operation because of a closure of his stomach)


Birth:      06.07.03
Death:     10.11.2008

Dam:       Schwabs Rosa

Sire:       Schwabs Santos

Weight:        10,4 kg

Height:         37 cm
Color:            Black


" Aski "
...frischen Wind und neues Blut bringt unser 
    Hod´s Harry 
(Harry Srdcové eso Import Czech. Rep. from Zuzana Hodova)


Birth:       29.05.08

Dam:         Be R´s Kimi

Sire:         Yrrk Srdcové eso

Weight:     9,4 kg

High:         34 cm
Color:         black


our girls:
  "Peggy"   Schwab's Ulla

Birth:     30.06.02

Dam:      Schwab's Anne- Busty

Sire:      Schwab's Grom

Weight:        9,0 kg

Height:         37 cm
Color:            Black


"Peggy "
"Tilly"    Wochele´s Ottilie

Birth:      28.02.10
Dam:       TKKG´s Babsi

Sire:       Hod´s Harry


Color:     Chocolate

"Jessy" Wochele´s Jessy

Birth:      10.04.08
Dam:       Schwab´s Rosa

Sire:       Mason´s Jet


Color:     Black - Bronze            


"Maggi"     TKKG´s Berta
" Maggi "

Birth:     01.03.2007

Dam:      Manegold´s Bonny

Sire:      T.B.C.`s Artful Ace



Color:        Red 



 Dogs which are no longer in the breeding....
"Babsi"       TKKG´s Babsi

Birth:    01.03.2007

Dam:      Manegold´s Bonny

Sire:     T.B.C.`s Artful Ace



Color:    chocolate      


" Babsi "
"Molly"   Schwab`s Uschi
" Molly" Birth:    30.06.02
Dam:     Schwab's Anne- Busty
Sire:     Schwab's Grom
Weight: 8,2 kg
Height:  36 cm
Color:     Black
"Coco"      Schwab's Rosa

Birth:      15.08.01

Dam:        Schwab's Trog

Sire:        Schwab's Larry

Weight:   8,8 kg

Height:    30 cm
Color:       Red


" Coco"

"Hexe"     Wochele´s Ezara

" Hexe"

Birth :     07.04.05

Dam:       Schwabs Uschi

Sire:       Wochele´s Aski

Weight:        7,4 kg

Height:         35 cm

Color:      Black and Tan